Thursday, April 23, 2015

My buddy

Since starting school, the time we spend with this little guy is limited. I am SOOO lucky to be his mom. He is so sweet, generous and the very best big brother. He has unending patience for his sisters, and is very quick to forgive his quick tempered mom.

He has really developed a love of reading lately. He flew through the Harry Potter series, and he has started and finished another novel before I even know what he's reading.

 He doesn't draw as much as he used to, but I"m always impressed when he does.

 He has really picked up skiing this last year. We had a seasons pass at Sunridge, and he spent at least 5 days in the mountains. He is naturally a pretty careful and timid kid, but he snowplowed his way through some treacherous terrain. No matter the weather, he was always happy to be out on the hill. I am already excited to see how much he develops in the next few years. I see a lot of family fun in the mountains in my future.

Wyatt has been taking piano lessons this year after his 3 years with the Let's Play Music program. It is so fun to see how much he has learned in a single year of private lessons. He played in the music festival this year, and even though he was quite nervous, and totally mixed up his second piece. He powered through to the end as best as he could and finished with a smile. I was very proud. It seemed so mature of him to not get flustered or upset. He carried on and held his head high.

I'm one proud mom. He is an amazing little man!

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