Thursday, December 29, 2011

Camera Shy

One of Brett's favorite past times is to look at old pictures on the iPad. The other night after we got the kids to bed we spent a long time flipping through old photos of Wyatt. There were sooooo many!!! We didn't even get through to the point of Isla's birth. Poor girl is quite neglected in the photos compared to our first born. I'm realizing tonight the problem though. She always wants to hold the camera. She has even figured out the camera on my cell phone.
I know this isn't the ONLY reason she has less photos. I need to put more effort into pulling out the camera more often. This girl is growing up way too fast.

Christmas Festivities

Now onto the fun! For the past few years we have gone down to the Legislature grounds with our friends the Dogan's to see the lights and wander around. It has been such a mild month that it was even more enjoyable to play in the snow, see the beautiful light displays and then head inside for some hot chocolate. I hope this tradition continues. I also hope ever winter is this warm.
December 10th we had our 'Fixsen Family' Christmas. We ate delicious turkey, all the cousin's got to hang out. Opened presents and just had fun family time. We got a new sister in law this year to help with the program. Every year we sing carols, but there are very few musically inclined Fixsen's. This year, Jaclyn accompanied us on her piano and we sounded WAY better. Horray for talent!
Wyatt got creepy crawlers from his grandparents. If I had known this was going to be "the gift" this year I would have saved the idea for myself :) He was soo excited! He loves to play with it too. The machine takes about 20 minutes to warm up, the goo melts and you press it into a bug mold, then you cool it (another 5-10 minutes) and then you can smash the bugs and grind them to use the bug goo again. It takes a good half hour to make a bug and Wyatt smashed/grinds it as soon as it's done. Pretty funny, but I can't believe how patient he is while he is waiting for the whole process to finish.
I dressed my kids up cute to see Santa, and Isla had a fit. They offered to let Brett and I sit in on the picture, but I figure every kid has at least one sad Santa photo.

Brett and I went to his work Christmas party. A fun night out for the two of us. The entertainment this year was weird. A fake casino with the staff acting out some other story on the side. They played blackjack, and at first Brett and I weren't planning to participate because the tables were busy and it looked kind of dumb, but then we started gambling and got hooked. I can see how it could become a problem for some ;) The most pathetic part was they had to teach us how to play blackjack. hahaha
Wyatt's Christmas concert for preschool. Isla was a monster and wanted the camera or to be on stage. Her and I spend the entire time at the back of the church in a little play house they have set up. Luckily I had volunteered earlier in the week for a concert practice and saw the show earlier. That way Brett and his mom could enjoy without interruption.

The little boy to Wyatt's right is his friend Cole. His mom is really great and we get the boys together and kidzquarters and we are able to visit for a few hours. I'm glad Wyatt is making new friends.
Christmas eve we spent the afternoon with our good friends Anita and Greg! They live in Ottawa, and it is so nice that they make time to see us when they are home.

The evening of Christmas eve we all opened new pajamas and watched a movie with popcorn. It was nice to spend time just our little family.

For Christmas this year I bought a HUGE roll of wrapping paper from Costco. So EVERY present I bought was wrapped in the same paper. I asked Brett earlier if he thought it would be a problem that Santa had the same wrap as us... he thought it was no big deal. Christmas morning Wyatt woke up early to see if Santa had come. The FIRST thing he does is come into our room and whisper to me something about Santa having the same paper as us. We have him convinced that Santa shops at Costco too.
Santa bought the kids nerf guns. Santa maybe should have thought that one through a little better. Santa keeps getting attacked boys against girls... and unfortunately at this time Isla isn't much help in defense.

A puppy for Isla, and some more guns. Brett was pretty convinced that we all needed a weapon :)

My good friend Arife made this cute monkey crochet hat for Isla. It is really cute, and Isla loves it!!
Present from Uncle Kevin. A FAST hotwheels track.
Christmas morning we had presents and breakfast at my parents, and then my sister hosted dinner. It was a good time spent with my family. Great company, great food. Doesn't get much better.
We also had our annual Live Nativity night with my sister in law Heather and her kids. Sadly we had less people available to come this year, but it is one of our favorite parts and it focuses on the birth of Christ more than anything else we did to celebrate this year. After the live Nativity out in Spruce Grove we go back to Heather's for Thai food. Delicious. Another tradition we are definitely going to continue!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a perfect holiday with lots of family, food and fun. I know we did!!!

December: Done!

We had a busy month, with preschool activities, play dates, birthday parties, working, etc. etc. we had a full calender before we added anything Christmas related. We have really adjusted well to this busy thing. We are thriving on getting out of the house and spending time with new friends.

This winter really isn't much of a winter at all. We have had very little snow but the kids and Brett have been great at taking advantage of whatever amount falls into our yard. I've even been doing the shoveling on the driveway this year. Brett continues to struggle with chronic pain in his hands and forearms so I have taken on the shoveling. It is actually really enjoyable. My very own driveway that I GET to shovel. I'm sure the excitement won't last long especially if we get the same amount of snow as last year, but for now it's fun. The kids are great little helpers too.

Wyatt's new best bud Cohen had his 4th birthday party this month and the whole family was invited. This is my new birthday plan for the next 18 years of my kids lives. Lindsay had a great little party planned with games and treat bags for Wyatt and Isla, and beautiful cake and delicious dinner just for us. After last years crazy kid party, I'm sold on small. It was lots of fun, and the kids didn't want to leave.

That night was also the night of my monthly book club meeting. It has been so great to have a book to read monthly that I don't have to find. It's also a great excuse to get together with some wonderful ladies!!! I love reading!

I worked a little bit more this month, and will hopefully try to work some more in the new year. I just love working in familiar classrooms. Supply teaching really is perfect for my little family right now. It is so nice to get out of the house and do something for me that I love. The little bit of extra income is nice too. I like feeling like I'm contributing :)

We were lucky enough to be invited to another birthday party for JH. He turned 3!!! We toured the Beaumont fire station and the kids were given free rein of the big trucks. What fun! SH also had birthday activities for everyone when we got back to her place. Great decorations, snacks, cake and a punch board with treats behind tissue paper. All these birthday parties we go to really make mine look pathetic. Hopefully Wyatt doesn't notice :)

My fabulous sister in law had a breaking dawn movie party. We had wedding cake, sparkling juice, delicious treats, games (pin the tail on the wolf, pin the teeth on the vampire). It was so much fun, then we finished the night off by going to see the movie. I love nights like this!

Nothing in November

I can't find anything exciting that happened in November. We must have been saving out energy for a busy December. I thought I'd attempt to post some video of Wyatt at the pool with Brett. This is some time recently after successfully completing two levels of unparented swimming lessons. He is so much more comfortable in the water it's amazing!

Now where did I leave off... oh right...Halloween :)

Ok, so with some kind reminders I'm back to my blog. I know you are all so curious as to what I've been up to since October 25 when I last had something important to say. Here is another slew of catch ups for my dear friend SH! (who may very well be one of three people I know read this, one of whom I might add is NOT my husband)

We were dragons for Halloween this year. Two perfectly sweet dragons. Wyatt was a dragon at 16 months, so Isla wore his hand me down and Wyatt wore this years Old Navy model. Old Navy really has great costumes for the 20 something dollars they cost. I have a feeling we'll see at least one more dragon in the next few years.

To celebrate we signed up for a little library Halloween evening, and then on the actual night my sister in law Heather hosted her annual cousin trick or treat extravaganza. I stay in to keep warm and eat A LOT of good appetizer type food, and Brett goes out with the kids. Perfect!