Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Picture

We went out today to enjoy the beautiful fall day and to take some family photos with another Fixsen family. It was quite the production to get even one good picture of each of our families. It's always worth the attempt though.
This is my favorite, it's the one I look best in... that's all that matters right?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Before leaving for school his very first day.
My baby boy has started his first year of preschool. We have him enrolled in a french immersion program and are so excited about this big step in his little life. Last week on Tuesday I got to go with him for his first day to ease him in, and get him used to the routine. It was nice to meet the teacher and other parents, and to see WW interact in a fairly formal setting. He did great! There were a few times when I got teary watching him, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well he followed along, and paid attention.

Friday of that week was his first "real" day. I was at work so it was BJ that took him to drop him off. It worked well because BJ is much tougher than I am(not in a strict sense, but I knew BJ wouldn't cry or have trouble if WW started crying ), and I was concerned that WW wasn't going to want to stay there by himself. When I called home on my lunch break to see how it went BJ said WW just gave him a big kiss and hug and ran in to the class. When he got home he told us all about his day and his favorite part "glitter glue"!
His special job for the day was line leader.
This week I took him to drop him off. We brought his little backpack, changed into indoor shoes and waited for the door to open. When it did, WW was about to run in, when I reminded him that I needed a kiss goodbye. He turned around, rolled his eyes and gave me a quick peck before running into the classroom. I thought it would be tough to leave him if he was upset about staying without me, it was just as hard to see that he DIDN'T need me. I'm so happy with the school, program and teachers. It is so great for WW to have this little thing that is special for him that he loves.
Outside his locker. Each kid is assigned an animal for the year incase they don't recognize their name yet. WW is a firefighting dalmatian.
Another fun thing about school is that we have been practicing some of his french words at home with him, and he is pretty good at pronunciation. It's just funny when he will tell me a gibberish french word he has made up but he is adamant that he's right.
Snack time, this is what worried me most about preschool. WW is such a picky eater and he just gets the snack that is brought for the day. Each family takes turns bringing enough snack for the whole class. I was blown away the day I took him to school because he opened his snack and ate the whole thing without a fuss. It sounds like that has been the case every school day since as well. Way to go WW!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jurassic Forest.

We finally made our way out to Gibbons last week to check out the new Jurassic Forest in the area. We had been told by a few people that when they first heard about the place they knew they had to let me know about it... WW is a well known dinosaur lover around here. It was about half hour away from home and worth the trek!
Above is WW at the gate. That expression on his face pretty much says it all. He was SOOO excited to be there. We went with his cousin and some friends, and left daddy and IA at home. It was a special day for him and I.
It is such a great place, they have complimentary wagons to use, you are allowed to bring in your own snacks, and once you are through the gate you move around at your own pace. We went on a Thursday after school was back in, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I even bought a year pass, so we can go lots... Anyone interested in going, we'd love to come.

WW and I were trying to sneak up on the dinosaurs, it was such a beautiful place all surrounded by trees and flowers... best part... very few bugs!
We would highly recommend you check out these dinos. We'll be back soon for sure!