Monday, October 19, 2009


We have been potty training WW for quite some time now and he has done so well for only being 2. BJ created a potty chart for him so that if he had 17 days of no accidents in a row then the boys would go out and pick a new crocodile/dinosaur toy. He was at day 15 a few weeks ago and then had a mini meltdown and peed his pants on the carpet because he was upset and didn't seem to want BJ to sit him on the potty instead of me. So after that set back we started again... BJ says you can't just give in, so we've been working hard at encouraging and WW hasn't had an accident again in a good 14 days. I reminded him this morning he only had 3 more days till we went out to pick out his new toy... and we even took a glance at Zellers today to see what was available.

Anyways, long story short, I got him out of his bed today after his nap and his pants were wet. So while he was sitting on the toilet I said something like "oh WW you need to sit on the potty when you have to pee... don't go in your pants." and he replied with....

"no mommy, my pants got wet because I licked the bed with my tongue, and then my pants got wet."

How clever to realize that the tongue was wet too, and could account for his wet pants. There was NO hesitation in his explanation. I am constantly amazed by our little man. We just love him to bits, and makes us laugh everyday!

I plan to not hold this little accident against him this time because it truly was an accident. He has been doing so well, and we haven't even been putting diapers on at bedtime anymore... No accidents. With his track record lately I wonder if maybe it was just his tongue making his bed wet.... he wouldn't lie to me :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My month!!

October is officially going to be MY MONTH!!! I have nothing but positive thoughts about what this month and the next couple may hold for my little family.

#1- We've decided that now is the time to look for another house. We are so fortunate to be able to hang onto the condo as an investment property and rent it out, but we are looking forward to bigger and better things for our little family. We love our home now, but with BJ's shift work it just is not working very well anymore. WW is very loud and refuses to whisper, and everything we need for the day is right outside the room where BJ sleeps. We just need more space... there is only so much space you can take up in other peoples homes with our extra boxes and storage.

#2- I finally have heard from Edmonton Public Schools. I have a screening interview on the 13th of October and will hopefully be put on the sublist. I'm very nervous but I'm so grateful to SH who helped me remember some important things about teaching that will help me with the interview. I owe her big! I'll be watching my sister's little guy starting in November a couple days a week, and then she'll be available to watch WW on the other days so I can sub. It should work well!

#3- Thanksgiving is one of my VERY FAVORITE holidays. Turkey is delicious and family fun is memorable... but it's so great to really ponder and acknowledge the many blessings we have in our lives that we are grateful for. WW is also looking forward to strutting his stuff in his scary dinosaur costume for Halloween. I'm hoping I can convince my sister in law to have her annual family get together this year again. WW looks so great in his costume, and would wear it everywhere if I let him.

#4- This could be our month for many more exciting possibilities. I've been loving getting back to the gym regularly, and LOVE having my sister in law be my workout buddy. She is the best! We are working hard and will hopefully find a good fun run for us to try next spring/summer... we just get to train till then. BJ is always working so hard to support our family, I'm SOOO lucky to have him. I'm just feeling really good! We are looking forward to a trip just the two of us in the middle of November... that isn't this month, but we are looking at trips and deciding what we might want to do... so daydreaming is definitely going on this month! Maybe good things will continue for the rest of the year.

I sure hope everyone else is having a good month too, and has things to look forward to. All the best!!!