Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our October!

We have had a great month this October, trying to keep busy and enjoy the end of the warm weather. We also had lots to look forward to with birthday parties and Halloween too.

We enrolled WW in a class at the library where we went for half an hour a week and heard stories and poems, sang songs and watched movies based on a particular theme for the week. It was fun to have a friend in the class too, GG, a friend from nursery was there too. These two loved to sit beside each other and when the movie started they would always share a cushion. One week GG put her arm around WW. It was very sweet.

We also enrolled WW in swimming lessons before the weather got too bad. It was an evening class so that BJ would be able to take him too. WW ended up enjoying his pool time with his dad much more than his mom. I would try to get him to do the actions stated in the song- which included a little water on his face and he would scramble up me crying trying to get out of the water. When BJ went WW was very happy to swim like a shark for him, and float like a starfish. I was happy to cheer from the sidelines and take pictures. Much less frustrating. I was happy when he passed the class even though he wouldn't do any of the necessary skills (blowing bubbles etc.) I just hope the next classes we put him in cure him of his big fear of the water on his face.

This one day WW missed a nap and fell alseep at my parents house mid-popcorn. He was chatting with my dad literally a second before he fell asleep. You could see him chewing to finish his mouth full. It was too cute a picture to leave out.
I worked a few shifts this month at the optometry clinic. We got BJ a new pair and while he was picking some out, WW picked some out too. He really wanted pink and purple ones but I convinced him that they were more for girls than boys. I just love how glasses look on little kids, but would never want that for my babies, unless necessary of course.
My little nephew JJ turned 1 this month, and we had a party for him at his Grandma J's house. It was great fun with a cute monkey theme. Anyone who knows my sister knows what a big camera/picture person she is. But as the party was starting she realized she had left the memory card at home for her one camera, the battery was dying on her second back up. So I took some pictures, but my battery died. Her father in law and my dad took pictures too, but the quality was brutal, my mom's camera ran out of card space. It was sad it turned out that way. At least we have some record of his big day!
The birthday boy.
We bought WW Halloween costume at least a month ago, and he's been wearing it since. So when Halloween finally came we were all ready and practiced with the "trick or treat". He had been pretty sick with the flu for the week and a half prior to Halloween, but his dad still made sure he got to carve a pumpkin etc. A shark if you can't tell.
We ended up taking WW into the UofA when he woke up one morning with a croup-like cough. He was forced to wear this mask, which didn't go well. I think he impressed all the doctors later when he was allowed to remove the mask, he was completely pleasant and answered all their questions. It was a long 10 days of staying in, and being germ paranoid so he didn't get any worse, but we were glad we did because he was able to enjoy Halloween with his cousins.
BJ and my dad brought all this styrofoam home in order to insulate our crawl space under our house a little better. there was quite a few larger pieces that wouldn't fit down the hole so while BJ was under the house putting up the little pieces WW and I were making a fort with the bigger ones. It is still in the middle of my living room.
WW dressed in his T-Rex costume, cousin JJ in his tigger costume.
SF, AH, CF and WW all dressed and ready for trick-or treating. Together at the annual Fixsen family Halloween get together.
Heading out to trick-or-treating with dad.
Scary face. I just love these boys so much!!!
I hope everyone had a happy Halloween, and a great October.