Friday, September 25, 2009

Safety First

I read a good suggestion on a friends blog about not using names or locations in your blog posting, so I've adjusted all my previous posts to just have initials. I just hope it's not too confusing years from now :)

Thanks for the suggestions SH!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

San Francisco

BJ is away with his brothers and dad on a guys trip to San Francisco. We ended up doing separate vacations this year because that was how it turned out, but it's been difficult being the one left behind this time. Don't get me wrong, I was so excited for him to have this trip and I wasn't interested in the things they were going to do- (professional sporting events) but I didn't realize how much I'd miss him.

WW and I are having a busy time at home. We had swimming lessons, Salto drop in with some friends, HF's birthday party, WEM, and a bbq... but we are still looking forward to Monday night.

I talked to BJ yesterday and he was telling me about his trip, and he has had the same feelings as I did when I was in New York without him... "oh I have to show LJ this..." so we may be making our way back to both cities sometime together because I know it would be a completely different experience for each of us.

I'll post some of his hundreds of pictures when he gets back, maybe he'll even be willing to contribute a post. It's just nice to be reminded of how much he does around here, and how much I miss him when he's gone. Sometimes he gets taken for granted when he's around!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just turned 27 this week and have had a really hard time with it. It just sounds so old! I completely appreciate that everyone is aging at the same rate as me, and that there are alot of people that are older than me... BUT I can't help the way I feel.

I thought earlier that maybe I was feeling bad about 27 because I hadn't accomplished much in my 27 years of life, but upon reflection I'm realizing that I have alot, and have done alot so far.

A home of our own, 2 vehicles paid in full, an amazingly supportive husband, a university degree, a beautiful son, savings in the bank, we're all healthy, we have incredible families we are a part of... I could really go on and on.

I'm realizing now that I have turned 27 that it's really not so bad, and I should just decide on those other things I want to accomplish before I turn 28 so I'm prepared- and focus on the fact that I'm lucky to have made it this far, and it will be a blessing to continue to age even farther!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Summer

What a terrible blogger I have been. The more that happens, the farther behind I get because I know how long it's going to take to catch up. I have decided that I should maybe just set one day a week and blog about something... then I'll stay on top of things.

We have been having a great summer, look forward to ALOT of pictures. Starting with WW's 2nd birthday party. My little boy is now 2, and we had such a great time with family and close friends to celebrate with him. He is having a big summer too... we've been potty training, and enjoying the weather with bike rides, park play dates and short family trips.

(Above) my sweet birthday boy!!
Splashing in the little pool my sister set up for WW's party. We were so lucky because my sister allowed us to have his party in her beautiful backyard. It was the warmest day, and then we had the craziest storm right after. The party was perfect except everyone rushing to get home before the sort hit.

(Above) WW and his best friend AH sharing a snack! They are just the cutest together... WW hasn't quite figured out how to play with kids his own age, but the two of them have always been close and have always played well together.
(Above) The cake!!! My sister and I slaved all day friday on this cake. It turned out just perfect!
(above) Those two cute kids again, holding hands on the way home from their park play date.
(above) Just last week we had our last family holiday of the summer. We were so lucky to be able to spend lots of time with BJ's family. CF and JF and the girls live in Airdrie now and so they are in the perfect location for us ALL to come visit. BJ, WW and I drove down Tuesday and spent a couple nights with them... and then we went to the Calgary Zoo Wednesday with most of the Fixsen family... and then continued onto Banff with BJ's parents for a couple of days. It was a great trip! Lots of pictures following.
(above) WW's sour face. It is really sooo funny!!!
Cousins. The cutest kids I know. We were sad we didn't have the other three with us... next time we'll have to plan it so everyone can come.
(above) SF. What a handsome little guy!!
(above) CF- Can you believe how old he looks here. So handsome!
(above) BJ liked this picture because it shows me scowling... the things he has to deal with married to a red head. I must give him this look alot because he was pretty happy to have it on the camera as proof.
(above) Beautiful BF. I just love this picture!
(above) Sweet CF. What a stunning smile.

(above) BJ and his brother CF.
My sweet boy!!! What a cutie!
(above) our little family in the flower gardens in Banff.
WW and Papa Fixsen waiting for our day to start.
Our family on the top of Lake Louise. We took the gondola up. WW came with us on the open chair lift. We looked so hard for bears but didn't see any. Papa on the other hand has quite the eye for wildlife and saw two. We just weren't quick enough.
(above) WW and I on the chair lift
My handsome husband on the chair lift.
I like this picture, because there are so few pictures of WW and I because I always have the camera... it's nice to have proof that I was on the trip too.
My boys throwing rocks into Lake Louise
Matching hats. I am so lucky to have such wonderful boys!

Hiking up Johnston Canyon. WW and I didn't get very far because he had had a little too much gatorade and peed his pants... twice.
My sweet husband carrying all the heavy stuff. What a trooper!
WW peeing in the bush. He really enjoyed peeing where ever we were, but had trouble coming home after and remembering to pee in the toilet again. Funny kid!
One last hug for the bear before we headed home. It was really nice to spend some time with BJ's family and his parents. The weather was just perfect. We are very lucky to have such wonderful families that we get along so well with. Summer is almost over but we have lots of things to look forward to in September... swimming lessons, library classes and much more. Stay tuned. I'll be better at this... I want to have this record for my family to read, so I better work on it.