Friday, March 14, 2008

First Haircut

Baby WW,

Today was a big day for you... your very first haircut. I was so proud of what a good boy you were. You are such a handsome little man now!!! We went to Beaners which is a salon that specializes in kids cuts... you sat so still in a black Hummer, and made it pretty easy for the girl cutting your hair. You only made a little fuss... Mom and Dad were very proud!




Mom and Dad think it's so funny that people have the wrong impression of you... You are such a fun and silly boy at home. Always talking and laughing, but when you go out, and are places that you are not familiar with, you get very serious... So the majority of people who don't know you as well as we do, think you are this quiet and serious little boy... but we know the truth!

We have started to get you on a strict sleep schedual at night time. 9p.m we start you bath, and then we eat, have stories, brush your teeth and then it's time for sleepy time. You are catching on so well, and are even sleeping all the way through the night sometimes... even if you do wakeup though, it's alot less often and you are able to fall asleep again by yourself without mom having to nurse you. We are so proud! You have figured out how to roll over finally, and so when you have been upset at night, you roll over and climb up to standing in your crib, so we find you standing there in the dark crying... it's so sweet, but very sad. So... mom stays with you now for a few minutes until you fall asleep... it is one of my favorite times of the day. You lay on your side, and hold my hand through the bars in the crib. It is our special bed time routine, and I love it.