Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Holidays... so far

We have been having a great summer so far, I'm looking forward to the months to come. I have made a decision with myself to be open to whatever, and have been pleasantly surprised at all the fun we've been having. I feel sorry for WW and BJ sometimes because I feel like a party pooper quite a bit, being the 'level headed' boring member of the family. So changing my outlook has been good for me to learn to let loose and go with the flow, and also great for my boys who get to experience more, with the momma tagging along.

We went camping to Crimson Lake with MF, HF and the boys. We went camping with them last year too, and it really is the best camping you can do. We do have to sleep in a tent- but BJ bought a sweet new air mattress so that wasn't even so bad. We do everything else at their site, camp fires and meals taking advantage of all their stuff, and their beautiful trailer. I've never eaten so well away from home as I do when we are with them. Breakfast is the best, eggs, bacon, hash browns and a HUGE fruit salad. I'm hoping this will become a yearly tradition. We brought our bikes and the Chariot and got out riding. It was beautiful!

We were away for WW's actual birthday, so HF and MF brought a gift and a cake so we could have a little party for him while we were away. They were just way too thoughtful, BJ and I didn't bring him anything :)
Checking out the falls, I don't remember the name. They are about 15 minutes outside Nordegg. It was a treacherous hike to get down to the bottom, but WW encouraged us all to keep going... easy for him though because he was being carried. I think we were all glad we did it though. So beautiful!

My handsome husband. I couldn't leave this one out. I realize everyday how incredibly lucky WW and I are to have him in our lives. I fall more in love with him everyday. We had our first date anniversary on Canada Day- 5 years together. We drove to Ardrie for the night so we could go to Drumheller the next day, and the whole drive we reminisced about what we remember from way back then, first impressions etc. It was a good laugh to think about all that silly dating stuff.
Canada Parade in SP, we biked over to the mall and watched the cute little parade. WW absolutely loved it, and would not agree to go home until every single thing had passed. It was nice to see how many other people came out too. Canada Day afternoon we went out to Camrose to celebrate BJ's Grandma's birthday. It was so fun to see her, and all the aunts, uncles, cousins and now 2nd cousins. That family is so close, and are all so wonderful. It's so great to be a part of it.
Waving to the people in the parade.
Waving his flag.
This was the best float, a real buffalo/ bison whatever it is, in this car driving down the road. They kept it distracted with the food bowl on the hood.
After the parade, after Grandma Drever's party we drove down to Airdrie to see the fireworks with CF, JF and the girls. Then we slept over and went to Drumheller for the day. WW is really into Dinosaurs lately and so this was on my list of things to do this summer. It was great to see family, and lots of fun that they could come share the day with us and the dinosaurs.
WW, BF and CF.

I've decided it's time to start potty training WW to add to all the fun this summer has in store. I just couldn't help but add this picture of him in the cutest little boxer briefs I've ever seen. He is proud of his big boy underwear, but we have had some accidents. I just have to stay positive and motivated and I'm sure he'll pick it up really quick.

We'll that is our summer so far, I have been working a little bit like I mentioned in my last post, so we are keeping very busy. I'll let you know what else we have planned for the summer when we find out :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My posting has become very slack lately, and I do have things to post about- our camping trip to crimson lake, Canada Day, Grandma Drevers party and Drumheller... but I seem to be lacking hours in the day.

I worked at the SVC before I had WW, and since then I've work very casually for them whenever I'm needed, and more importantly when I have been available. This month one member of their staff had surgery and so has to be at home to recover, so I've stepped in when I can. BJ is so wonderful and because of his great schedual, I'm able to work when he has days off, and then my also wonderful mom steps in when we need some backup. I've only been working 3 days a week for the past couple but I can't even believe how few hours you have left after you get home. All those moms out there that work full time... you must be superwomen. I am enjoying being at work, having a change of pace/ scenery but it's always nice to come home to my boys who have missed me "this much" (arms spread wide) I don't think I'll ever work full time because I can't seem to keep up, but I really appreciate what these shifts this month have done for me.

Hopefully I'll find some more time soon to blog, and then I'll catch up on the day to day goings on of the B&L Fixsen family (There are two other Fixsen family blogs you can read on my attachments- both worth blog hopping to.)

Another thing I should write down so I'm accountable is that I'm re-motivated to work out and spend some time for me due to family experiences in the last few weeks/ months. I found after I had WW that I needed some time to myself but didn't really have anywhere to go by myself... I would head over to Millenium place alone and spend my hour or so I had at the gym and I have always found that working out is both healthy for my body and my MIND. So we're back at it, a few months of working out and we'll see where we are... ALSO none of my clothes fit... literally none of them. I must have been wearing lululemon and scrubs (for work) too much because they just expand with me. Hopefully I don't have to go anywhere soon :) Hope the summer is treating everyone well. Enjoy the rain, it is so good for the grass!!!