Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Has it ever happened to you, that you will be introduced to someone new... and although you have never met or seen each other before, as soon as you are introduced you see them everywhere?

I am finding that there is an abundant amount of pregnant people around lately, and they are just reminding me how badly I want to be pregnant too. We took Ww swimming today and then to the Millenium Place play park. Out of the 8 moms in the playground there were 5 noticeably pregnant women. Insane! I don't remember noticing any pregnant woman until I was pregnant with WW, and now it's the same... not only are there alot of pregnant people I know, but they are EVERYWHERE. I was feeling a little sorry for myself today, I really shouldn't complain because I'm so blessed to have WW... but the experience of feeling surrounded just made me think.

On a positive note, I got this cute new laptop from BJ for Valentines day. I'm having fun computing in every room in my house, and learning all the fun things it's capable of. Anyone else that has a macbook, please teach me something new that I haven't figured out yet.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Not much new.

I've been wondering daily what to write about... still don't have much of an idea. I did get a new computer for Valentines day, a cute little Macbook, and I want to use it so I'm sure I can think of something to write. Here are some pictures that WW and I took the last couple days. We are having fun playing around.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Videos.

I am always amazed at the things WW can do, he seems to pick up something new everyday. We always practice the alphabet, and his counting in the car to distract him on the ride, but when we do that it is him repeating after us... Then randomly I'll hear him recite the same things to himself, like once he said his alphabet all the way up to J all by himself. Now he seems to be connecting the dots together, because before when he was counting items in books he would just say "2, 3, 2, 3, 2" but lately he's been really counting... AMAZING. BJ must be working on his french without me, because he's got that figured out too. He doesn't seem to want to show his skills to anyone, but I've finally got it on tape.

This is at babynastics. I think it is so funny how toddlers run.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things about me.

I keep seeing this on facebook, and I really enjoy reading other peoples lists. I could probably compile my list just by taking things from others, but I'll see what I can do before I start stealing ideas. I have actually been thinking about my random facts for a couple of days, and figure I could probably make a list of 25 things for BJ OR WW easier than coming up with some of my own... but I'll try to incorporate their quirks into my list, as they end up affecting my randomness.

1. I feel completely content with my life! I have everything I could ever have dreamed of at 26, and anything else will just be bonus. I have my education degree, an amazing husband, the sweetest little boy in the world, a house of my own, been to Hawaii :) It feels good.

2. I am not particular about the way things are done. But BJ is, so I do it his way because I love him so much. example- he likes to have all his laundry turned right side out before I fold it... that way it's ready to wear right out of the drawer/closet. Also, I grew up on pre-made microwave food, we always had something we could eat quick. BJ doesn't allow that in our house, so we made everything from scratch. I'm not complaining because it is WAY healthier, but sometimes I wish I had something quick I could just pull out of the freezer.

3. I have set my bedtime for 9:30 pm. If I'm going to be out any later I have to plan a nap so that I can hold out later. WW gets up between 5:30 and 6 am everyday, so I go to bed shortly after he does (him at 8pm) so that I feel normal the next day. (see point 4)

4. I feel that I'm a completely agreeable person most of the time... UNLESS I'm hungry or tired. Then WATCH OUT... especially if it's a combination of the two.

5. I love watching TLC. A baby story, John and Kate Plus 8, Little People Big World, What Not to Wear. When we lost our free Telus TV channels, that was the one channel I requested we purchase extra.

6. I love Juice. Apple specifically, I also really like pop... but I'm trying to cut that one out... and am seriously trying to limit the first. It isn't going so well.

7. BJ and I are trying to do the P90X program. We hope to do the nutrition plan to, and do the videos once a day for 90 days to see the results. If I wasn't so embarrassed of the before pictures I'd post them, but if I do this right I'll feel much more confident with the after pictures.

8. I love my families.. I feel so lucky to get along so well with my immediate family and also to have married into the next greatest family. Everyone gets along with everyone... that isn't always the case.

9. I'm addicted to facebook, and it drives BJ crazy. I've made my case however, that as long as I'm not slacking in any other areas, then what does it matter to him.

10. I have a hard time focusing on relaxing when my house is a mess. I tend to do all the cleaning in one day and then let it build up somewhat before I go crazy again. I clean it the best right before we go on vacation, so that way when I'm homesick and ready to be back in my own space I'm happier to come home to an immaculate house.

11. BJ picked our first apartment for us without me seeing it, and then he bought our condo the same way. The day we moved in was the first time I saw it. I haven't always loved it here, but I can honestly say that I do now. BJ has made lots of improvements, and I'm so proud of him for learning to be so handy.

12. I live 2 blocks from my parents house. We weren't sure initially how that would turn out... but it has been a HUGE blessing. They are the greatest and always willing to watch WW for us anytime, and it is so easy to just drop him off because they are so close.

13. I get frustrated when people compliment WW's name, and then tell me they are thinking of using it for their next child. I'm not flattered. I picked WW's name to be slightly original... meaning I don't want a bunch of them running around. WW shouldn't have to be WW F. in school.

14. I would LOVE to have more babies one day. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they all come out with the same temperament that WW and BJ have. They are both WAY too sweet.

15. When we got pregnant BJ and I listed the things we wanted our children to get from each of us. BJ wanted him to have my bum chin, and I wanted them to get BJ's personality and his eyes. All our wishes came true!

16. I have the best friends in the world. High school was a treat thanks to 5 amazing girls that made it wonderful. I think I'll be best friends with them forever. I have also met some new friends since high school that have been an a amazing support. I love it when we think the same way... even if the thoughts are sometimes not so nice...

17. I'm not a fan of talking on the phone. I typically don't initiate phone conversations, but if the other person is a good phone talker... then I don't have a problem.

18. I told BJ I loved him first. He thinks I loved him more when we were dating than now because of the sweet emails that I used to send. I have never loved him more than I do now... after going through tough times, and wonderful times. He is my perfect match.

19. I've only ever wanted to grow up and be a mom. Now that I am one, I think I'm doing a pretty good job, but it has been much harder than I ever expected.

20. I'm a homebody. I am very content to be at home and close to family. Poor BJ wants to move to France. It is going to take ALOT of convincing for that to happen.

21. I love shoes. I used to buy them all the time, but now have a harder time spending money when I haven't made any in a while. It's definitely not that BJ limits me, it's me that just can't do it anymore. Maybe I see all the other things that should come first. Like cute shoes for WW.

22. I love my red hair. I would love to have a little red headed baby girl, but didn't want red headed boys. (My brother has red hair and has always dyed it) WW came out with very red hair, and I probably would have been disappointed if he hadn't. Now he's older it has lightened to blond and I'm thrilled. I got the best of both! Red headed baby, but he won't have self conscious hair issues when he's older.

23. I love draining the whole hot water tank when I have a shower. I find it difficult to save water for BJ when I know he has to shower after me.

24. I wish I had a hobby. BJ love sports, and goes to do that without me most of the time. I wish I had something that was all mine to do. Any suggestions?

25. I drive a Honda Pilot. When we were looking at vehicles BJ suggested the pilot and I thought it was too big. But now that I've been driving it for a while, I can't imagine fitting everything into anything smaller. Especially when we go on trips.

Well I'm sure throughout the day I'm going to come up with some much more interesting points than what I have compiled here. But I actually enjoyed coming up with my list. I hope you feel like you know me better now :)