Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ballerina Lessons

We got the outfit for isla for Christmas, and registered her in this little intro to dance class. Today was finally the day. She loves it, and is already looking forward to more classes. She saw all the pictures on the wall or the other dances dressed up for shows and she really wanted to have a fancier dress.
I hope this helps with her coordination and body awareness.

Fixsen's skate

Our favorite twin family, the Pratts invited us to spend the day at millenium place with them. Wyatt's ear drum had perforated from an ear infection earlier that week so we had to miss the swimming- but we spent te morning on the inflatables, in the play park. After lunch and naps we returned for skating!

It was our first time with the kids. Isla was a natural and zipped around with the frame support. Wyatt found it very frustrating and could not get moving. Girl skates have te benefit of the pick in the front for assisted movement, but on hockey skates wyatt couldn't get anywhere with or without the frame. 
I ended up pushing him around with the frame or me supporting him from the back or side without the frame. It was hard, but we wouldn't let him quit. By the end he was having a bit more fun. I don't think he'll be interested in going again any time soon.

Christmas 2013

We had a low key Christmas this year. We put up a little tiny tree because we have a toddler that likes to get into everything. We like to do a few things every year. I love traditions!

Barbie dream house. THis is not on the top of my list for favorite Cristmas activities. But I tried to be a good sport. No matter how hard we tried, it would not stay together. The kids didn't mind because I let them eat the candy.
This year to help me get in the Christmas spirit we got a house elf. Her name is Rosie and she was fun to find every morning. Wyatt lost interest by the end, so I think she may arrive a bit closer to Christmas next year so it stays fun, and so I don't have to think of so many ideas. Sheri and I texted pictures and ideas back and forth, there were a few nights she saved me by reminding me to move Rosie.

Christmas morning. Santa brought this big doll house to isla. It barely made it thanks to UPS- I opted to pick it up from the warehouse Christmas Eve just to ensure there was no disappointed girls in the morning. Took Brett and I all night to put together. These are the moments when I feel like a pretty good parent :)
Spent the morning the 28th catching up with two of my oldest friends. We all live in separate cities now but I feel like we see each other more now than the past few years. I love it.

We always go to the live nativity in Spruce Grove before Christmas. Reminds us of the true meaning of the season. It's a short little show, but you can feel the truth of the message. After we head to mike and heathers for Thai food. Delicious. Fed spiritually and physically!
Christmas morning presents and breakfast at my parents. It is getting crazy with everyone and all the stuff in a small space. But good memories!
Because of our growing numbers, we now have Christmas feast at my sisters. My mom still does the cooking- but everyone has some extra room to sit and visit.
 I missed pictures of Christmas with the Fixsens, Drever Christmas on Boxing Day. It's nice to be close to both our families, but it makes it busy when we need to see everyone. It was a good year. Onto 2014!

My little helper

This girl is happy most days following me around when I tidy. She is getting to be a very good helper, and knows it makes me happy to have  a clean house- she will tidy up her room when my mood needs improvement. 'are you happy now?!' Love her!

Family sledding

It was the perfect day. Too bad it ended in a couple melt downs. Stella first, then wyatt. Luckily we had two cars and I could run Stella home for a sleep, that way I also missed meltdown #2