Thursday, June 30, 2011

Too cute!

We bought Isla this backpack for her birthday so she would have a matching one to Wyatt's. It took a few years before Wyatt would willing wear his, but Isla carries hers around all day, and if I put it on her properly she just struts around the house showing it off. It is super cute, especially since she has to wear it empty or she'll tip over. It's practically the same size as her.

Exciting news!

In the Fixsen family there are 5 boys, and so far there are 4 sister in laws. We all get along so well, and it is a nice dynamic. We have been waiting for the 5th sister in law to join the ranks.
Here she is... Jaclyn Stringham will marry Cody on September 3rd! We can't wait to have her join our family!!!

Happy Birthday Wyatt

Let me start off by saying this was my very first kid birthday party, and may very well be my last :)
I have been reminded however, that it's all about the birthday boy and his fabulous memories ( no matter how wild) of his birthday party.
Wyatt did NOT want to turn 4! He thought it was a scary thing, and when I introduced the idea of a party he said "No Thank you." After some persuasion we got ourselves organized and planned his very first friend party. We invited his primary class, and then a few extra friends that he spends the most time with. We had a fabulous turn out- and for those friends who couldn't come- we missed you, but didn't. :)
I planned the party around Wyatt. He loves dinosaurs (this was his third consecutive dinosaur party) and he loves crafts. So my mom and I went around the dollar stores in the city looking for these plaster dinosaur molds that you make into magnets or pins. Good idea in concept- CRAZY idea for a party with 12- 3 and 4 year olds!!! Lesson 1 learned :) Luckily I had extra hands to help with the mixing, pouring, placing.... adults did it all actually.
When we set them aside to dry, we played a couple games. My dear friend SH is a MASTER party planner and the most creative person I know. So, even though we missed her and her daughter at the party, she had given me these FABULOUS ideas for something new to add to our dino party. This picture above is me trying to explain the rules to "musical dino feet". They each got a dinosaur footprint, and were to dance around to the music, and when the music stopped jump onto a foot and whoever didn't get a foot was out- sounds familiar right? sounds pretty simple right? Not so much!!! They just stood on top of their own dinosaur foot, and when I tried to take one away I was met with disappointment and confusion.
The last game we played was a HIT!!! But still crazy. I hosted the party at the church, as we are not in our house yet and needed a little bit more room. The church was perfect, but maybe a little too much room. We played what time is it Mister/Miss Dinosaur. It went well, as we took turns being the dinosaur, and the rest of the kids LOVED running away screaming when it was 'lunchtime'. It was just a big gym, A LOT of loud screaming, and A LOT of kids that didn't want to re-convene for another round. It was still fun! Next time I'll bring my whistle. (if there is a next time :) )
I simplified the cake and had dinosaur green cupcakes with a little dinosaur figurine on top. Easy!

After cake we finished our craft by painting, and then played a few more rounds of Mr. Dinosaur until the parents came.

Wyatt was spoiled by all his little friends, and I think they all had a good time. I think it was hard to have all these little ones and feel very out of control. When I teach I feel like I can handle a lot more kids, but it's different- more structured and a few years older. After the party was over and cleaned up I could have slept for days.

My Mother in Law says a good rule is you can have as many friends as the age you are turning. Next year I may try that :)

HUGE thanks to my husband, parents, sister and some parent helpers that stayed. I could NOT have done it without you!!!

Happy Birthday Isla

We have a busy birthday week in our family. Isla's birthday is the 22, and Wyatt's the 25th. We are moving into our new house on the first of August, but we didn't want to wait that long for the parties. We are lucky enough to fabulous family who willing allowed us to party in their place. We just had a family get together (which isn't small) and ordered in Thai food from the King and I. My mother in law made a delicious cake and we celebrated our beautiful girl. What a great evening!

She was in a 'mood' all day, but when it came to presents she was hamming it up for her guests. What a sweetie!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


What have we been up to... I have been postponing a post because we had potentially exciting news, and then it became official exciting news and I didn't have a minute to sit down.

We bought a house! It is in Summerwood in Sherwood Park. Best parts... a garage and a basement.

We love our little condo (most of the time) but we are just exploding out the doors and windows. We have stuff stored at Micheal and Heather's, my parents, and we still don't fit. A lot of junk! I can't wait to have some storage, and I can't wait to be forced to pack up this place, so I can go through every little thing and decide if we need it. I can imagine that the new house will not stay clutter free for long, but I have every intention of keeping it beautiful.

We move August 1. Another exciting thing, we already found a renter for the condo. Brett is a big "investment" guy, and so we've decided to keep this property as just that... an investment. I will post pictures once we are in and settled. The pictures I have now are of the current owners things. I have big plans for this place already, I will have to be patient as we save up money to add furnishings and such, but it will definitely not take as long this time around to at least put some pictures up. ( We were in the condo over 4 years before I put anything on the wall) I wasn't confident in my interior design skills to know how to place them. This time around, maybe I'll hire professional help :)

This month is also a big one in our family. Wyatt turns 4, and Isla turns 1. There will be posts about their birthdays soon.