Saturday, April 30, 2011


Anyone else out there miss silence?

I adore my kids, but boy are they loud!

Wyatt currently has an ear wax problem, and it seems to have heightened the issue of his loud speaking. He feels the need to talk through every aspect of everything, or I hear him quoting movies, or when there isn't anything he can think of to say, he just makes up nonsense.

Isla is quite the chatterbox herself, and when she's not talking happily, she is crawling after my legs whining.

It's all part of the joys of babyhood, toddlerhood, and preschoolerhood... but some days I am just dying for some sweet moments of silence.
Maybe that is why kids are so IRRESISTIBLE when they are sleeping!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Just wanted to share some cute pics of my kids on the swings. I can't get enough of these two and their smiling faces.

In other news, my mom has lost 40 pounds! She looks fabulous and we are all very proud!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

90 days without sweets.

My husband is a little extreme sometimes... after he got back from his trip to Phoenix in early March he came up with this great idea to go on a 90 day fast of all things sweet. (This idea came after we binged on all the American chocolate he brought back)

Terms of the deal were we went 90 days without dessert, CHOCOLATE, ice cream, candy etc. and if we succeeded we got to pick out an item from Lululemon. My first thought was that I'd rather have the chocolate than the new item, but them realized that I may really have a severe problem that I should work on.

I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! It is my go to comfort food when I'm irritated with my children, had a hard day at work or just need that little taste of sweet after a meal. Trouble is, I can't control myself. If I could just have a chocolate bar in the freezer and just have a square here or there when needed, I'd be thrilled. BUT I just can't stop!

Example, Brett bought some chocolate covered almonds from COSTCO (so we all know how many we're talking about) and they sat on my laundry room pantry shelf. If they hadn't have been open I'd be fine, but the bag was open so every time I went into the pantry- doing laundry, getting breakfast, lunch, snacks for the kids, I'd sneak a few. I couldn't see them without having a few. Wasn't that long before there weren't any left.

Back to our diet. I was doing really well... I was proud of my ability to avoid, and pass up all things sweet. Heather and I went to our running room weekend, and it was a physical struggle to keep myself in my chair and avoid the dessert table. One side of my brain fought with the other over one little dessert not killing anyone, but it was the principle of it, so I abstained.

We've given ourselves 3 strikes in the 90 days. One was chocolate fondue at the melting pot- Very worth it.

Then Easter became a free for all. My mom gifted us a family sized bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. My VERY FAVORITE Easter treat. I ended up eating most of the bag. Same trouble as the almonds, a couple here and there through the day and the bag is empty. I'm disappointed in myself for lack of self control, but it's re- motivated me for the rest of our fast to get this under control, because as of now, not so much.

I'm still struggling, ( I took a bite today of a chocolate rabbit of Wyatts, and spit it out- frustrated with myself for being so weak) I would love some chocolate right now just thinking about it, but I have a problem.

My name is Leslie, and I have a chocolate addiction!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why is this so hard?!

I can't figure out how to get myself "into" this whole blogging thing. Don't get me wrong, I like that I have a blog, I love that I can read everyone else's updates, but to find a second to sit down, and write seems to be the tough part. Priorities I guess, I'm going to try better... I've said it before, and most likely will again, but I'm impressed by those people who post often- like daily... I doubt I have enough to say for that, but I'd really like to have a full record of my life with two little ones.

Great example of my life right now, as I sit and type my 3 year old son says " your eye brows look mad" It must take some serious concentration and a furrowed brow to get this done.
We have been enjoying the spring weather. Bubbles in the back yard, bike riding, parks. It was such a long winter, and there really won't be that much warm weather before it hits us again. Sad thought, but if it motivates us to get out while we can then that is what we'll do.
I've been doing some running lately. I always hated running, it was hard and never felt like I was getting the "runners high" that I'd heard about. My sister in law is the best, and we have a pretty compatible pace, and so we've been working hard together to get to a decent distance. As of just last year we were pretty happy with 5K... now we've made it to 10K and I'm seriously considering training for a half marathon. Can't be that hard right? It would be even better if I got to travel somewhere great to run it. Brett is super supportive, maybe he'll get into it too. Anyways, I am now LOVING running. I still love the drop in classes at Millenium- they give my butt a good kick when I'm able to go, but I think I'm going to concentrate on running this summer and see how far I can get.

Brett is working a 6 week long shut down at work right now. It has limited the amount that I can teach, because our childcare trade offs are on hold till he's done. We lucked out with him working days only this time, but it's still a long day for him and for us at home. It's insane work hours- 13 hours per day, and they work 12 straight before he gets a sad 2 days off. Should be illegal!
Well I'm feeling a little caught up. I'm going to be back tomorrow and try some more :)