Friday, February 4, 2011


Visiting Aunt Willi's restaurant. They make the BEST breakfast ever. Perfect eggs and crispy bacon every time. Delicious.
Waiting for some food. Isla is the BEST eater. I nice change from her brother who happens to be the pickiest person on the planet.
Cute, Cute, Cute. I feel guilty because even though we have ALOT of pictures of Isla, we have a lot less than we have of Wyatt when he was a baby. Picture taking has slowed down in general, but I want to make an effort to take more.
Clean from the bath. What a beauty.
My parents and their grand babies. We are lucky to have them so close.

A monthly occurance

Wow, this year is flying by. I feel like I just caught up on the blog... and another month has past.

January was a great start to the year. It always feels good to start fresh, make big plans, and reflect on what has happened.

Every year Brett makes the big announcement that it's time to sit down and make some goals. For some reason I think I escaped this year though because thinking about it now I can't remember the things we've decided to work on. (could be due to lack of sleep lately) Our goals seem to remain the same every year though. Work out, save money, be good etc. etc.

The year/ month was kick started with the resolution run! It was so great to do my first fun race. The weather was perfect, the company couldn't have been better, and it was fun to finish. Definitely put me in the mood to sign up for other races, as well as keep running.

Brett and I have been working, (him definitely more than I) but it is great when I get the chance to go and teach. He is a SUPER dad when he's home with the kids, and it's an enjoyable experience to go out to work when I know the kids are having such a great time with their dad. Brett is the most supportive husband, and we are really getting into the grove of being a team lately. It feels good.

The most exciting news of the year so far is our upcoming trip to disneyland. We are lucky enough to get to travel with some good friends the Chiu's who have children of similar ages, and who we get along with too. I think it's going to be FANTASTIC. We are leaving for 11 nights and will spend the first 6 in San Diego seeing the beach, the zoo and sea world- and most importantly shopping. Then we'll head to Anaheim for the last part of our trip for some serious Disney time. Wyatt and I have a paper chain for a count down and it is really coming quick.

We spent last weekend in Airdrie to visit Clay and Julia and the kids. We hadn't meant their newest baby James, and we were lucky enough to be around for his blessing day. It is always a great time when we visit. Wyatt plays so well with the girls, and we all have a big slumber party. It was nice to go even for a few days away.

We have been trying to sleep train Isla for the past couple weeks and we are having some success. We can now lay her down for nap and bed time and she will only cry for a couple minutes before putting herself to sleep. Next step is getting her to sleep through the night after she gets to sleep. We are still working on that, but may have to wait till we get back from California before we do anything really serious.

Well I'll try to write again before it becomes another month of catch up, but there are no promises. It always seems daunting to blog and write, along with uploading pictures, but once I finally sit down and get it done it's no big deal.