Sunday, March 15, 2009


Not much new and exciting has happened to our little family in the last little while. Which can sometimes be a good thing. We have just been enjoying our time together, and have been lucky to have had BJ home quite a bit
these last couple weeks. I was contem
plating what to write about and came up with a few thoughts.

1. I hope I didn't give anyone the wrong impression with my last post. I am feeling great. Very happy lately... I am looking forward to having another baby hopefully in the near future, but I've also been working on being happy with what I've got. There are so many things to be happy about that I'm just choosing to focus on that first and then whenever we are blessed with another baby then I'll definitely focus on the joy of that. It can be difficult to hear about the many other people that are having babies in the
near future, but I'm so excited for them as well.

2. I got my hair done again. Cut like before, but this time I added color. I've always thought that if I was going to dye my hair then I would want to go darker... well I did it. It is so nice to have a hairdresser that I trust and am confident that she knows her stuff. I'm so happy with how it turned out. I"ll add a picture soon. I feels so good to feel like I look good and put together. For example we went to costco the other day... normally I have my hair in a pony tail, sometimes with a headband... wearing sweats... my typical day wear... but this time I had just had my hair done, took time to put on some makeup and just happened to run into a friend of BJ's from work. It felt good to be introduced knowing I felt put together and BJ could be proud to introduce me. A friend put it well, she said it always feels good to go out knowing it doesn't matter who you run into :)

3. BJ and I got our American express bill this month and were surprised at how much money we are spending without really realizing it or having anything to show for it. For example... somehow we spent 800 dollars at costco last month alone. Seems completely impossible, but we do go often and spend over 100 dollars a time. So... now we are on a strict budget. BJ makes enough money for us to live comfortably, but we want to move into a house in the near future (1-3 years) and we want to be able to keep our condo as an investment property too, so we need to keep saving. It has always seemed limiting to be on a budget, but it is actually feeling very liberating. We will be more conscious of what we are buying and if we need it.... but it also feels soo good to have a nice balance in the bank. It's probably none of my business but I'm curious how much other people live on a month... just to see if we are budgeting in a reasonable ballpark for our small family of three.

4. I'm going to NEW YORK!!! My sister-in-laws HF and JF, my niece and nephew IF and EF (photo is of BF and EF... soo cute)and I are going to the big apple in June and I can't wait. We have plans for shopping, hitting up the incredible museums and art galleries, and we have some sweet tickets to see Wicked on BROADWAY... It will be so much fun. BJ and I had been planning
to go on a trip together without WW, but somehow we have ended up planning trips and going separately. He will be going with his dad and brothers to San Fransisco in September to see some professional sports. I'm not only excited for our trip, but I'm excited for BJ to get a sense of being a stay at home dad for 6 days. It will be good for him and WW.

5. WW and I had been going to babynastics wednesdays for the last few months. He had such a good time. Wednesday was the last class this session and we aren't signing up again. (BJ was less of a fan of the strict structure) so I'm looking for some schedualed activities for WWt and I to do. We like having plans for our days... Salto where we were going for babynastics has a drop in program for pre-school
kids tuesday and friday mornings so we'll be doing that.... and SH and I are going to plan on swimming wednesdays at the kinsmen baby pool at 11:30. If anyone wants to meet us, the more the merrier. If anyone has any other summer ideas for childrens activities that they don't mind WW and I tagging along to I'd love to hear about it.

6. I've decided that I'm going to do alot of walking this spring and summer. We've started already, but the weather is so insane that it isn't possible all the time. I just figure that we live close to everything, we aren't ever in a real time crunch... why am I driving? as a good example, my parents live just over a block away... most of the time we drive there.... sometimes we take two cars :( sick!!!

Well those are my thoughts. I love comments. Let me know how you are doing? and what you think of what we are doing.