Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Telus World of Science

(My kids posing for a nice picture on Sesame Street)

My sister was taking her family to the science center, and I had heard great things about it- so I invited myself and my two little crazies along. Then I invited a friend and her children along too so I wasn't crashing a family outing.

ANYWAY, it was GREAT! Wyatt loved all the hands on activities. They had a special Sesame Street exhibit there that was so well done! We even saw a star show! I haven't taken my kids to the science centre much because a lot of it demands a lot of reading, and is way over their heads... I seem to forget that there is so much that is pre-school focused and that my pre-schooler and his toddler sister could find hours of entertainment in a water table, blocks and a star show.
Mr. Hoopers store.
Isla digesting some peas.
Grovers obstacle course.
Hand pedaling.

We had a great time. There were some crazy moments where I couldn't keep track of both kids wandering around checking out individual interests. Definitely a place to go back to- especially since there should be a new traveling exhibit in the near future.

House pictures.

For those who care...
Above- Kitchen/ dining table
From table towards kitchen
From Staircase towards living room. (I'm pretty proud of those pictures. #1- Totally my idea #2 They are straight #3- I love the way they turned out) BIG thanks to 3M picture hanging strips. Worth the few dollars extra they cost than a nail. TRUST ME!! All the other pictures I hung seem to have been missed in the pictures I took. The house is bare, just not as bare as it seems :)
Main floor half bath
Boot room/ laundry- door goes out to garage
Bonus room. Kids LOVE to sit on the back of the couch to look out the window for daddy coming home.
Master Bath
Kids bathroom
Wyatt's room
I totally forgot to take these pictures the first time, and then I was mid- post and didn't want to tidy up. This is our favorite part of the house. It's the kid's space. We have a couple big area rugs, a couple great big bean bag chairs. A desk for Wyatt's drawings and crafts. All the toys and books. The mess stays in one place, it's nice a cool down there and we can hang out for a long time down there while Brett sleeps during the days etc.
This is our little work out corner. The treadmill came with the house, and then Brett installed the chin up bar so we could do P90X properly. We haven't been as good as planned, but at least it's there. We even put a tv on the wall that swivels with a DVD player. It's a great little set up.

Anyway, we love our house. Thanks for joining me for the tour. Better yet, come visit!!! We had our first sleepover house guests EVER last weekend. If felt really good to have space to put them.


Well I survived, and we are in the new house. It's funny how quickly you can forget the nightmare you are in when you are in and settled. It really does seem like all the crazy didn't even happen.

We are in LOVE with our new place. I have increased motivation to keep it clean (it just looks so beautiful when it is) and we've organized the kids stuff to keep it in their own space and out of the way so it is more manageable.

We had to switch wards in church because of the boundaries in SP, but are happily settling in there as well. We were overwhelmed with friendly faces when we arrived, and feel included in the ward happenings.

I am totally NOT a decorator, evidenced by the 5 years it took to put things up in the condo, but one night when Brett was away I went to it. I measured and leveled and braved the holes in the wall and I'm pleasantly surprised that it is coming together. A little bit at a time seems to be the best advice. You don't need to go spend all this money to fully decorate your house because you may come across perfect pieces throughout your travels that would be better than what you bought earlier just to take up space. Not only that, but moving is expensive. So a little bit at a time works for my bank account as well.

My sister also moved this month. It is exciting to both have some extra space, and we have big plans to alternate Sunday dinners from now on to give my mom a break.

I am excited for summer to be done- don't get me wrong, I love the warm weather, but it's time to get back to a routine and on schedule. I have met a new friend that has motivated me to get my kids out of the house and to take advantage of the things available in our little town. We will be attending library programs, preschool, swimming lessons, and music class. Wyatt will be a busy boy, and I think a more content well rounded kid. I can't wait to get started.

I will re-tidy my house and take some pictures in order to post them next entry. Stay tuned!

ALSO- Kamry did our family photos last night and I can't wait to see how they turned out. I got my hair done the day of, which seems silly now, especially since I went for something totally new. It would be funny if I ended up not liking it and it only lasted a day, but had a permanent record on my wall :) Luckily I'm liking it more and more. I continue to check myself out in the mirrors I pass throughout my day just to decide what I think :) Dork!

This weekend happens to be my Brother in Law's wedding weekend. I can't wait! I love weddings!

I should have MUCH more to write about in the near future. Fingers crossed I get my act together.