Thursday, April 23, 2015

Canmore Trip

It was slightly disappointing that our Canmore week happened to be only one week after Spring Break. It wasn't going to stop us from missing a little more school and enjoying and extra long weekend.

 We stopped at the Calgary zoo again to break up the trip.
 Screamer! Kids could not wait their turn. It was too good.

 Our condo is feeling more and more comfortable each time we visit.
 We love mountain bike rides and throwing rocks in the river.

Grandma even came for a couple nights. She was sooo sweet to watch the girls one day so the rest of us could spend the day at Sunshine Village.

 It snowed the WHOLE day. Late April and we lucked out with the best snow I've seen all year. It was an amazing day. Elesa and Rayly even met up with us, which made it even better.

I follow a NieNie on instagram, and she has been posting a picture of her family every Sunday after church. I really liked the idea of documenting growth and progress throughout the year. So, I am going to take a family pic every time we are in Canmore. Brett and I have big dreams for our time in Canmore, and look forward to owning our little portion of the condo forever. Should be fun to see a little book of my kids growing up appreciating the beauty of the mountains.

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