Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have been such a lazy blogger lately. I still enjoy reading others, and hope there is someone out there that is reading mine along with my dear friend SH.
These beautiful babies are keeping me busy lately. IA is growing so fast, and had the most perfect chubby checks and thunder thighs. She is a great eater, and a pretty good sleeper. She got sick when she was 3 months, and it lasted for the next two. I'm not even exaggerating, poor little thing just couldn't kick the cold. It never got worse than a cold, but a stuffy nosed baby is one of the saddest things. She is naturally a very content baby, so she remained her happy self through it all.
WW just adores his sister, and the feeling is definitely mutual. They love to spend time together, and IA is immediately happy whenever he comes into the room. I really hope that this continues as they get older. I feel like I'm way closer to my siblings now than I ever have been, I wish we had always been this close.
I'm just catching up here randomly. The above is my best bud SH making chocolates with me. My ward had a super saturday and this was my suggestion. I've always wanted to learn, if only I had known how much work it is. It truly is an art. It may be years before I have the time and patience to really try this again.
Halloween has come and gone and these are my sweet babies in their costumes, I should dress IA up again to get a better picture. She was a cute flower, and WW was a caterpillar. Thanks to my sister and her last minute costume save. I had planned for WW to be a dinosaur again, but two nights before his preschool party we decided we maybe should dig out the costume and try it on and it was WAY too small. We searched all the next day for something great, and came up with a borrowed costume that he adored.

Sherwood Park has this great new library. We love books and going to the library. This is our first visit as a family. IA loved it. WW always loved books as a baby, hopefully IA will have the same love.
IA tried rice cereal a couple days ago. She loves to eat, and she happily transferred to the semi-solid variety. She has been super interested in what we are eating, so we took the leap. It was a couple weeks earlier than suggested, but we started WW early and he turned out great!
Look how big this girl is getting. I love all her Sunday dresses. I should try and take a picture each week, because at this rate she will only get to wear each one once. She grows fast, plus she has soo many beautiful ones to chose from.
I somehow lost WW winter coat. So we went out and bought a new one with trendy little boots to match. I love how cute he looks, plus it's keeping him warm during these freezing Alberta days.
Speaking of freezing days, above is a fort WW and I made during a minus 30 day. Something out of the ordinary to break up a home day. He loved it.
These next two are pics of our dear family friend's babies. IA and TD are only a couple months apart in age and will hopefully be close friends. BJ and I just love this family. It's not easy finding couple friends when you are married. We just love spending time together, our kids are close in age, and they make the best food!!
Well I'm randomly caught up for now. We are getting all ready for Christmas and have a busy month ahead. Should be fun as a little family of 4. We got the tree up today, but that will have to be another post. IA is teething and needs some attention:)