Friday, October 11, 2013

30 day challenge

After having Stella I found it impossible to get to the gym. I used to love the drop in boot camp classes they offered at millennium place, but getting three kids into childcare, paying extra on top of the gym pass seemed like too much. So I started doing these daily workouts on

And fell in love with this intense way to workout at home. I also started getting stronger ( real push-ups) and was seeing great changes in my body. When Brett saw that I was sticking with it, he let me buy the equipment that I needed to make the workouts more intense. At the beginning of July I decided I needed to kick my butt in gear and make 31 my best year yet- definitely not getting younger. So I do a bodyrock/daily hiit workout in the morning ( only 12-20 minutes- and they are new everyday with super motivating fitness experts leading the workouts) and a cardio something in the evening. I feel great!

Starting October 7- the (sister site to dailyhiit) started a 30 day challenge and I've encouraged a few others to try with me. It's day 5, and although I feel like I'm going to die during the workout, I feel amazing after! It's also motivated me to try and eat better so all my hard work doesn't go to waste!

Here's to 31!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Stella is walking!

Stella was crawling a full two months earlier than my other two babies. And now she is walking early too. Slow down little one!
She just wants to be big so badly. 
(I can't get my video on here :( )

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Wyatt had 'homework' this weekend to bring 15 different sized leaves to school for Monday. So we went for a little walk around the Strathcona Science.The colors were beautiful and I love crunching in fallen leaves. A lovely afternoon with my loves.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grade 1

My buddy is in grade 1- wow! I'm so proud of him. He is a little smarty pants, a great friend, so helpful and such a good listener. My dad asked me once if I just lucked out having such great kids- and I said I lucked out having Wyatt as my oldest baby. He sets an amazing example for his two younger sisters. Just wish he could stay little forever. He lost two teeth last month, bring on the overstuffed mouth!

Girl time

With Wyatt in school all day, and Brett at work monday- Friday now. We girls get to spend a lot of time together. They are great little side kicks!

My little grown up

I'm flattered that isla wants to be just like me. She wants to be big so badly- she learned how to whistle (if you can call it that) and so now she's a self proclaimed grown up- if only that was all it takes....

She wants to wear make up anytime she sees me putting it on and Sunday I was lucky enough to have her apply my make up.

Best friends!

I was talking with a dear friend who said that the term 'best friend' may not apply anymore when you get older. That your husband should be your best friend. Well I'm so lucky to have some very dear (best) friends- two of who are these lovely ladies. Elesa is in Calgary, kaycee in Red Deer and I'm in Sherwood Park- one Saturday we all met in Red Deer for dinner and a fun evening! Felt like the old days!

Harvest Season

I love enjoying the fruits of other's labors. Apple from the Camps made delicious pies, raspberries made jam, and tomatoes from my in laws made salsa! I enjoy canning! Still working on becoming a domestic goddess!


I'm catching up for my dear friend Sheri, whom I actually talk to the most- but she loves me so much she requested even more knowledge about me and my little family. (She also knows I'll thank her for the push in the future)  Trouble is, where to start? 

I turned 31 on the 8th of September. I feel like I'm slip and sliding my way QUICKLY to 40- good thing I've decided this will be my BEST year EVER!

Stella enjoyed my cake! I wish it was socially acceptable for me to eat cake this way!