Saturday, August 14, 2010

A family trip

We took the kids to Calgary this past week. It was a quick trip but we managed to have a lot of fun while we were there. We drove down Tuesday to Airdrie to stay with my brother and sister in law and their girls. That afternoon we went to Calaway park. It is the first time I've ever been, but will definitely be going back. WW was so brave, I was amazed. He went on the bumper cars, the airplanes, boat ride, roller coaster, pirate ship and the log ride. He was with the girls so he had a lot of fun.
I went with him on the pirate ship, which is just like the boat at WEM that just goes back and forth. WW was so scared on the ride, I almost cried watching him. He was gripping the bars so tight, and was focused straight ahead with this look of fear in his eyes. Then anytime the boat went forward his whole little body would shake. So sad. The other rides were a bit better, he'd look pretty serious on the ride until he would pass us and we'd yell his name to take a picture, then he'd give us his biggest smile.
The log ride was the last ride of the day. WW was a little more apprehensive of the bigger rides, but they tricked him into thinking it was a dinosaur ride. He also ended up at the very front of the boat and got absolutely soaked. Poor little man was ready to go home by then.
IA was such a trooper on the whole trip. I couldn't have been more pleased. She was very friendly, and slept anytime we were in the car. Perfect!

Wednesday the boys took the kids swimming at the rec centre in Airdrie. What a great pool. All the kids had a lot of fun and were tuckered out by the end of the day. That night was WW's big show. We bought him tickets to "Walking with Dinosaurs" for his birthday. He has waited and waited for his big day to arrive and was able to go with his dad to see the life size dinosaurs. I guess it was a great show.

While they did that, IA and I went to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend for dinner- have I ever mentioned how much I hate driving in Calgary. It gives me grey hair. We went to a great place called Open Sesame and enjoyed some time together. - My brother and I were super close but since he's moved to Calgary a few years ago I feel like we aren't as tight. It was nice to just get together and visit- it was also nice to get to know his girlfriend a little more.

Thursday we hit up the Balzac mall and came home. It was a great trip, but it's always nice to be home. These girls are WW beautiful cousins. They just loved IA and were a great help, always ready with the soother.
Friday was BJ and my 5 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. He surprised me and set up a babysitter, and took me out to the Hardware Grill. It is delicious food- a little pricey, but once a year is definitely worth the splurge. I am looking forward to the next 5 and seeing what we do with ourselves and our little family.

A crazy couple weeks.

We had such a busy July. We were adjusting to being a family of 4, and there was just alot we packed into the month.

BJ went to boys camp after coming off his work set. He left wednesday morning after a 7 am dentist appointment and didn't return until Friday evening. That Sunday he spoke in church and then the following week got even busier.

We had doctor appointments for the kids, IA's baby shower, WW's 3rd birthday party and IA's baby blessing on Sunday.

My amazing friend SH and my wonderful sister in law threw the shower for us. I didn't get pictures yet, but it was great. They had all my favorite snacks, and we had a wonderful time visiting with everyone that came to support us. We felt very loved and got some amazing gifts. IA will be one well dressed little girl.

Saturday we had WW's party. It was a month late, but we couldn't go without celebrating . We had planned to have the party at our place, and just have everyone outside, but the mosquitoes have been INSANE. We moved the party to the church and that seemed the best for everyone. We got there early to decorate and set up, and the power was out. Not only was it out at the church, but our house, my parents house, my sisters house etc. etc. I was panicking. BJ was so calm and knew everything would work out. The party started at 10, and at 10:10 the power came back on and the party was a go. We had waffles, cake, a pinata and cookie decorating. It was dinosaur themed again, and it was just great to spend time with dear friends and family. I had only put up a couple balloons, and WW was pretty sure that it was the best party EVER!!!

Sunday was IA's baby blessing. What a special day! My mom made the dress- it was beautiful. BJ gave her the most beautiful blessing, and we had the support of everyone. My sister in law and her girls even came for the day from Airdrie. It was nice to spend that time with the ones we love.
It was nice to have that week over with- I'm not naturally a hostess so it was a little stressful- it was a wonderful week though, full of lots of family and lots of great friends. My two favorite things!

Beautiful Babies

Kim Loewen took these beautiful pictures for us. She is amazing!!! IA was crying the whole time and she was still able to get some great shots. Our family ones didn't turn out well, but I'm so pleased with the ones I have of my babies!