Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Special Stuff

We had two great family thanksgiving dinners. We went out to Viking Alberta for the first one with the whole Creasy family. It's Brett's grandmother's family and all their families if that makes sense. It is Brett's favorite holiday I think, and I'm sure it's because of the amazing food. Brett was working this year and so I braved single parenthood to go. The food didn't disappoint, but Isla was being Isla. Next year (if I have to go alone again) I'll follow my first instinct and leave her at home. She's in a tough stage of being quite needy, and quite a momma's girl. Can be tough on the momma sometimes.

The other thanksgiving was with my family. Now that we are living in a bigger place, we have decided to alternate hosting family meals. We change locations of our normal sunday dinners, but also the big family events too. This year Thanksgiving was at my house. I'd love to say that I did it all myself, and it turned out perfect. BUT... I'm not ready for all that yet. So... my mom got the turkey all prepared and just cooked it in my oven. I was in charge of basting though :)
It was delicious as always, and leftovers are always a bonus.

I signed myself up for a quiet book exchange with a group of 10 girls. We each made two different pages times 10. What a HUGE undertaking that was. Honestly there were many days I was ready to back out. I'm sure the feeling was mutual among the group... but now that I'm done and have seen the beautiful pages that everyone else worked on. I'm so happy to have been a part. I just have to get my show together and make the pages into a book.

My new friend LP has been such a great influence on my families activity level. Wyatt is pretty thrilled he has a new best friend, and we are glad that our twin families all get along so well. We took a trip to Prairie gardens this last Friday when both husbands were home. What an amazing place. I'd never been before, but will be making it a yearly tradition for sure. We decided to get there early to beat the school buses, but 9am is pretty chilly at this time of year. The little girls fingers were frozen, but neither liked gloves very much. The boys didn't seem to notice the weather and were willing and enthusiastic to try everything available. We went on a wagon ride, petting zoo, puppet show, corn maze and haunted house to name a few. It really is it's own little village out on the farm. I'd highly recommend it!
One last catch up before bed. We got a pet! His name is Kirby and he's a bearded dragon. Anyone that knows Wyatt will know just how happy he is to have a dragon of his very own. He has wanted a pet for a long time. He has had a few fish, but now he's big enough to notice other possibilities. He wanted a hermit crab, then we considered a puppy, a snake etc. etc. We all could agree on this little guy. He's made one little boy very happy. We just have to be careful to wash hands, and we don't take him out when Isla is around because she can be pretty rough. So far so good on the pet front... but ask me again in 11 years (average life expectancy)

What's up with me.

Now for my catch up. Other than chasing around after my kids, I've been doing some things for me lately too. I got back on the supply list for EPS, and LOVE going to work. It is a healthy break for me and I come home feeling very grateful for my kids, my supportive husband and all my blessings. I have great teaching friends who support me and let me teach their classroom full of kids. One actually helped get me back on the list in the first place. She teaches in the west end of the city in an opportunity class. They are the SWEETEST group of teenagers, and she basically asked her principal to call downtown ( to the school board) to tell them I was needed for her class. Amazing! She was my mentor teacher during my IPT at university, and she's been a mentor ever since- I'm sure she didn't realize she'd be stuck with me for so long when she volunteered to have me come work with her 6 years ago :)

I have a new calling in my new ward too. Laurel Advisor. I work with the 16 and 17 year old girls. At first I was totally intimidated, but now we are just buddies. They are beautiful inside and out, and I know I'm going to learn a lot from them. I teach the lesson most Sundays and I am finding that to be the hardest part. I just feel a huge sense of responsibility to get it right. This is a tough age, and these are tough girls, but I want them to feel and learn from me before they are off on their own.

I'm also trying to get to the gym a little bit more. What a lazy summer I've had. My running endurance is suffering badly, and I just wasn't using my gym pass at all. I'm trying to get to the drop in classes I love, and will hopefully find the motivation to use my treadmill for 20 minutes a night when I don't make it to the classes. It's much easier to do when you are in the habit, but getting back there is a tough road.

MAJOR Catch up.

I promise that I've noticed my own lack of blogging lately. I've been terrible at keeping up with the ones I typically read too if that makes it any better. My excuse... no time. That, and I like to go to bed early :)

Since the FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER we have been very busy. My calendar has never been so full with pre-planned activities. Then throw the last minute stuff, work, birthday parties, a new calling etc. etc into the mix and my excuse becomes valid. Nevertheless, I like to have this record, so there needs to be some time that I can squeeze in some blogging. As long as my dear friend SH keeps reminding me... PLEASE ;)

Wyatt has started swimming lessons! And I almost cried the first day when he did a back float with the teacher without the wailing hysterics that I seem to get. Not only that, but he puts his face in the water voluntarily and passed the 6 week class easily. I'm one proud momma. He is signed up for the next level already, and so we'll see how he does. I have high hopes for a little fish soon. We tried to prepare for swimming lessons by taking the kids to the pool weekly as a family, we are definitely not taking it easy on Isla. She will love the water if we have any say. :)

Wyatt goes to english pre-school on Tuesday and Thursdays. I had my heart set on french, but he wanted to try english. So he's signed up with all his little primary friends from the old ward. It is nice to see my mom friends when we drop off and pick up the boy. He is loving it. There is something about his teacher that bugs me, and I can't put my finger on it. Or even express what it is exactly... but as long as he's happy, I'm happy.

We go to the library on Monday mornings for a family story time. Wyatt gets to go with his new best friend, and he's as happy as can be. They haven't noticed yet that they are the oldest in the class by a few years, but who doesn't love listening to stories read. A new session just started this last monday and the new teacher is pretty strict. She obviously doesn't have toddlers of her own, and has fairly unrealistic expectations of the little ones sitting still and quiet for the half hour we are there. After class I get a nice visit, and the kids roam around finding books and movies to borrow.

Wednesday evenings we have Wyatt in the "Let's Play Music" program with Joanna Dick and Lisa LeBaron. It is so fun to hear Wyatt sing and participate in the class, especially since Brett and I are so CLUELESS musically. He has a little homework assignment weekly and honestly I had to cheat today because I had NO IDEA how to help. It is a three year program, and by the end he should be ready for private music lessons. Maybe I'll be ready too :)

Saturdays we are also doing indoor soccer. Wyatt isn't really a fan, and would rather sit on the sidelines... but I'll just continue to be the crazy mom on the sidelines screaming at him run :) He looks so cute in the uniform.

Well writing down what Wyatt's been up to seems a little crazy. I kind of feel that I'm living my childhood vicariously through him because there are a lot of things I wish I had done, or tried harder at. I really wish I had played more team sports, and really wish I had tried harder at piano. He's young, and is loving all the outings he has in the week. It's a VERY nice change from being cooped up at home.