Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let's go fly a kite.

I just love days when BJ is home with us, he is just much more fun that I am. WW got this amazing kite last year for his birthday from my sister. It was a fish, and it really was the easiest kite to fly. WW fell in LOVE with kites. This winter they had more kites at Costco, and so WW and BJ picked up a new dragon kite to add to our collection. Everyday WW has asked to fly his kite! It is now warm enough, and the snow is gone, so out we went to fly his kite.
You should have seen his happy kite smile. I forgot my camera at first so I ran back home to get it, and then we tried to re-create the excited look on his face. Not quite the smile I had seen earlier, but so cute anyway. He was waiting patiently for his dad to put the kite together and get it up in the air.
It was the perfect wind day- BJ says we need to look for a Lazy flag, and that should be perfect. They ended up with the kite all the way up as far as the string would go, and then BJ hands the handle over to WW. If we are having trouble keeping the kite up WW still holds the handle and BJ fiddles with the string. WW is pretty proud of his skills.

The dragon kite!
My sweet boys, what a lucky girl I am to have them in my life!

After kite flying we hit up the park with WW's cousin JJ. We watch him about once a week while his mom goes to work. It's so nice to get the boys out in the fresh air. They both had their rubber boots on so we made sure to find a few puddles on the way as well. What a great day out in the sun!