Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st!

It seems like I've been away from blogging for a few weeks, and sadly I really don't have much to update on.

Last month I started watching my sister's little guy for her a couple days a week. She had to go back to work part time after her maternity leave, and I couldn't imagine having my little nephew in the home of someone we didn't know. It has been fun to have him, and WW loves to have him here to play but I've had to keep one close eye on him and his new dinosaur tendensies... (biting and growling) JJ is the sweetest little guy and doesn't put up any fuss when he's dropped off. He eats like no other baby I've seen, and just goes down for a nap without any problem. He's nothing like my baby! :)

I also finally heard back from Edmonton Public schools... I can't even begin to tell you have slow that process was, but I should have my subbing package to me this week, and I'll be all set to be in the school this December! I am just so excited to be back in the classroom. I'm also so grateful to friends who are already employees of EPSB who are going to put my name on their school lists so I get some work. My sister is also going to be available on the days she is home to watch WW for me. It will hopefully be a good situation for us both!

I have a cousin from Ontario that I haven't seen in maybe 20ish years that just made the big move to Alberta. He is staying with my parents looking to start over and begin a career in Heavy Equipment Operation. We are praying hard for him to find something perfect that will make his move worth his while. I guess the work in Ontario is pretty sad, and the pay even worse, so hopefully he'll get on his feet here with the help of my parents. It's been neat to get to know him again, he looks so much like my dad it's funny. When I listen to his past situations it just makes me feel so blessed that my parents found the gospel and for the life I've had because of them.

A quick note about my sweet husband as well. I am so blessed to have him too! He is incredibly supportive and has always given me that push I needed to do bigger things with my life. He encouraged applying to the school boards, and we are so excited where that has taken us. He is also wonderful with my cousin, he's allowing him to use the truck when we aren't using it to help with the job hunt, and he just works so hard for our family. Last night as I went to go to bed I noticed he had made our bed and turned down the one corner on my side so it was all ready for me to get in... (he had to work last night) it was just the sweetest little gesture! I love him!