Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a week.

Dear WW,

You constantly impress me... this week however must have been the biggest yet. You have been working on getting mobile. You've been quite successful scooting backwards, or else getting up on to hands and knees and sitting back down into another place, but on Wednesday you put all your disorganized attempts together, and finally crawled! It was quite the sight, we tempted you with your new favorite distraction... Keys... and without breaking focus, you came after them and crawled right across the room. Here's the proof... Sorry it's not a great video... your Auntie Kim took a MUCH better one but we haven't gotten it downloaded yet.

You are also working on a few more teeth... The bottom two are in, and the top two are on their way... I must admit that you have had your moments during this teething process, but mom's working on her patience, and we are hoping it won't be much longer... It's tough right now, but the sooner they are all in, the faster you will be able to eat all the big people food you can't seem to wait to get your hands on.

Valentines day was this week too. I made this great craft for Dad that I was SOOO impressed with. SH and I made these cookie bouquets, heart shaped sugar cookies decorated with pink, red and white icing, and then stuck into a flower pot and wrapped up nice. So impressed was I with what we made, that I ate the majority of the cookies. I'll definately have to find other reasons and occasions to make these sweet gifts. Here is a picture of Sheri's... mine looked almost identical.

We are planning to sell our condo and move into a house... We are quickly running out of space here and that is with alot of our things stored at my parents as it is... I'm so excited to have a basement and a garage, and to not worry about attached neighbors. The only trouble is that there is alot of work I need to do on my own house to get it ready for the market. Especially with the market slow like it is, I need to make my little home appealing. So I'm planning a HUGE declutter and then I plan to stage the house to sell it. I've looked it all up on the internet, and Elesa did that with her house when she sold it, and it went super fast. People want to see themselves in a new house, they don't want to see you and all your stuff. So I just need to get motivated and get started!!! wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dear WW...

I have been having a hard time posting on this blog because I don't know the style to write it in... a journal, statements for others, daily life in general, etc. etc. So after much thought, and after realizing that I may be the only one that ever reads this (which is fine) I've decided to write in letter form to my baby boy so then I can include all of the above and I then feel like I know who I'm writing to.

Dear WW.

We have had an interesting start to the year... You are getting so big so fast, and every day you impress me with your courage, curiousity and strength. 7 months old, and are no longer content to just be... you are always exploring, trying new things and making me laugh. We just love having you around and don't remember life without you... if only you'd sleep better. Daddy and I love you so much!!!

President Hinkley passed away last week... it was a sad day for alot of people in the world, but happy at the same time because we know of the plan of salvation and that he is living again with his sweet wife, and interacting with the other great leaders of the church... (which I think is so neat to think about). I wish you would have been able to know him better, he has been the Prophet I've known the best, and have developed such a strong testimony of Latter day Prophets because of him. He was always so kind and gentle. He had an amazing sense of humor that allowed him to connect to the members of the church of all ages. Such an amazing example of hard work and dedication. They have called a new Prophet and first presidency yesterday and I'm so excited for the direction that these men will take the church. It is President Monson, President Eyring and President Uchdorf. It will be amazing to experience their leadership as you get older and learn more about the gospel.

We have made some resolutions for the year, and had a slow start in January and so have refocused and rededicated ourselves starting this month. We want to strengthen ourselves individually and as a family spiritually, physically, financially, and personally. I am excited to see how well we accomplish our goals... and want to make sure that we teach you to be dedicated and to have a desire to always improve yourself. I need to be better and wanting more for my life... Your dad is such a good example, and although he dreams BIG, he is always looking for more... I find that I can be happy with where I'm at, and that doesn't encourage growth. I hope you will dream big and not just accept what is handed to you.

I love you!