Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Who wouldn't have the very best Christmas with these two cuties!! What a December we had, so busy but so much fun!
In between BJ and I working throughout the month, we also squeezed in the following...

Dec. 4- Suncor kids Christmas party- it was held at the Telus World of Science. I went with the kids and my MIL because BJ had to work. It was lots of fun with a hotdog lunch, presents for the kids, and Imax movie and then access to the normal Science centre stuff. It was great because the company is so big, I could go with the kids and just blend in without feeling out of place because the Suncor employee wasn't with us. I think we'll do that again next year!

Dec. 8- Chantal and I hosted a baby shower for Melanie and her new baby boy. It was a pretty good turn out for a busy month and we were able to help celebrate her new addition. I was happy Chantal helped host it with me because I'm totally not a party planner.
(Dean and IA after the shower- both ready to go home to bed )

9th was our Relief Society Christmas party. We were fed very well (Dogan's Lemon Chicken is one of my FAVORITE FOODS in the world) and the musical numbers were beautiful. Makes me wish I had some kind of musical talent, but I definitely appreciate that of others.

10th- Our ward Christmas party. Fun to socialize- first Turkey dinner of the season. I cooked a HUGE bag of potatoes and mashed/ whipped them. I make a mean mashed potato!

11th- Fixsen Family Christmas. Turkey dinner #2- It was so nice to have the WHOLE family together. We have become quite the bunch, but all the kids get along so well, and the brothers and their wifes are all dear friends it is definitely a highlight of the year when we get to spend time together.
(People tell us that IA looks just like BJ- there are times when I can see it but I'd like to think she looks like me!)
(The Fixsen parents)

14th- We went with our dear friends the Dogan's to the Leg. to look at the lights. It was a beautifully mild winter evening and the lights were beautiful. I love how kids are just amazed my Christmas lights. They even allow you inside for hot chocolate and live entertainment.

(Chubby, rosy cheeks- can't get much cuter)
(These boys get along so well- all boy- rough and tumble but they are going to continue to be dear friends)
15th- WW had his preschool Christmas concert. SO cute I wanted to cry. All the songs were in french, but their little actions and them belting out the few words they knew got the message across perfectly. My little guy is growing up!

Only downside of the concert was the -20+ weather outside, not opening the doors till 6:10pm on the dot (pretty crazy) and all the parents and their toddlers freezing outside waiting to be let in. I'm so glad I left Isla at home because BJ would have be furious if our infant was turned into a babysicle like some of the other screaming babies waiting in line.
(I teared up when they all walked out and got on stage. He was so brave- 300 people were watching)
17th- WW's preschool Christmas party- I volunteered and enjoyed a morning of preschool fun. It's nice to be a mostly stay at home parent in order to be able to participate in such things.
( I snuck this one in so you could see the beautiful "bitty baby" IA got for Christmas. I've wanted one since I saw them at the American Girl Doll Place in New York)
18th- Suncor Adult Christmas party- Turkey dinner #3- BJ is an Operator at the refinery, and the Operators typically don't attend such functions where the "big guys" party. This year we decided to go along with a couple other guys from BJ's crew. It was a great night out just the two of us, fun company and we even danced a little bit. I have been trying to think back over the past 5+ years of marriage and I don't think BJ and I have danced a slow song ever as a married couple. CRAZY. It was fun. We even danced some fast songs and looked silly, but as long as we look silly together- Right? It was a good night. We don't get out as a couple very much anymore. We have a new years resolution to go on a date once a month this next year, that will be a good start.

23rd- Annual Live Nativity and Thai food night. We started this last year and it was top of the list to add to the calendar this year. We all go out to Spruce Grove to watch the live nativity- (live animals and everything) and then back to Mike and Heather's for Thai Food from the King and I. DELICIOUS!!!
(Grandpa and Edward snuggling after the busy night)
24th- Christmas Eve we are going to start spending alone as a small Fixsen unit. We were lucky to see our dear friends Anita and Greg who were home visiting family for the holidays. It was nice to catch up for a few hours and we look forward to sometime soon when we can go visit them in Ottawa. We decided WW needed some lessons on giving instead of getting so we made some nuts and bolts and delivered them to 15 families we thought of (Home teaching/ visiting teaching, family etc. ) It was nice for WW to give the gifts before he got some.

25th- Early morning at our house- BJ and I didn't give gifts to each other this year because we tend to go overboard all year- but even though I had nothing to open under our tree I still couldn't sleep. I ended up waking WW up and getting the party started. He was pretty excited to see what Santa brought him and was very willing to help IA open all her gifts too. After our place we went to my parents for stocking and presents. We ended up spending the day there, my brother was up from Calgary and my kids had a great time bonding with Uncle Kevy- We miss him a lot now that he lives away, so we try to make the best of the time we can see him.
Dinner Turkey #4 was DELICIOUS as usual. There is nothing better than the Turkey, gravy, stuffing etc that you are most familiar with- Mom's!!!

30th- BJ and I went on our first date (tried to beat the New Years rush but still ended up waiting over an hour for a table) Out to the KEG one of our very favorite restaurants (probably because we get gift cards from work :) ) It was delicious, great food, great company, great evening. I can't wait for the rest of our dates this next year!!!