Monday, July 19, 2010

Family of 4

I feel as though we are getting the hang of this family of 4 business! Feels good to have a handle on being the mom of two. BJ has been the most amazing help, and is such a wonderful dad. He adores his baby girl, and still has so much fun with his best bud WW.
IA will be 4 weeks tomorrow and it feels like we are settling into a groove. We even decided to head to Canmore last weekend for BJ's cousin's wedding. It was beautiful and we always have a great time with the family. All the Fixsen boys are very tight so it was nice to be all together, but BJ also has a very close extended family.
WW is such a great big brother, if I ask for his help now he'll respond something like "of course I can" he loves IA so much and gives her kisses all day long. As soon as they get in the car he wants to kiss her before he's strapped into his seat, before bed, first thing in the morning. I should really count how many times he kisses her, it is very sweet.
I am breastfeeding IA and am having success this time around, where with WW I supplemented a lot. It is nice to have that connection and that time one on one with her, but I have never felt so guilty either. It is so hard when she has an upset tummy that I am partly to blame because of something I've eaten that day. I'm sure she will quickly become less sensitive but I've stopped eating chocolate and fruit so far and she seems to be feeling much better. Who knows what I'll have to give up next.
(Any other mom's out there feel like they are never in pictures with their kids? Always the one taking them)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Girl

She has finally arrived! Two weeks ago actually, but we are slowly adjusting to being parents of two, and so this is the first time I've felt I've had some time to sit and write down the whole thing.

Monday night the 21st BJ was at work and so early that night I was headed to bed, and as I climbed into bed I thought I had peed myself. Thinking nothing TOO much about it (possibly another lovely side effect of pregnancy) I went to bed. The next morning I continued to have incidences of "wetting" myself a little. When BJ was up and our day was on the go, I thought I had better mention my trouble. We called the dr. office who told us to head to the hospital for a quick check to see if my water was leaking. Turns out it was!

They decided to induce me and so we were on our way to meeting our precious baby girl. We started the drip at about 2:30pm and I was considered in labor by 5pm. I had an epidural and comfortably labored till 8 when we pushed and had her out by 8:30pm. It was a great experience, baby handled labor perfectly and I enjoyed the experience much more this time as opposed to last.
WW is in love with his new sister, as are we! She is such a great baby, eats well, sleeps well, and is just so sweet to just stare at. She loves cuddles, and BJ and I are always very willing to volunteer for those. We think she looks a lot like WW did, especially when she is sleeping and her profile. Her hair is darker than his was, and she has a little less of it, but she was 8lbs and 21 inches long. WW was 8-3 and 21 1/4 inches. Very similar. I'm actually having a fun time catching IA in pictures posed similar to WW when he was born to see the similarities.

I am feeling great now, but I actually found the recovery for this baby to be harder than the first. I wasn't expecting the after pains (insane!!!) and I think I just couldn't take it easy like I did with WW, because I had WW who needed my attention.

Having two babies is a little crazy. BJ has been home for the past two weeks and we've loved having him home. He's been a great help. WW is a great big brother, but we are noticing he has started looking for attention in less favorable ways since IA has arrived. It will just take adjustment for all of us.
Here are some pics of the baby girl, just because she's so cute!
If only people could figure out how to pronounce her name, then I'd be 100% happy!