Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring walk!

Brett was home from work today and we took the opportunity to enjoy the puddles and sun by taking a walk to 7-eleven. The kids did great and were rewarded with a slurpee for the walk home.


We took the cousins to the library yesterday afternoon to fill some time. After we'd had our book fill we took the kids for a cookie at the cafe. Soon enough wyatt wanted a drink from the fountain and all the kids wanted to join him. So holding hands wyatt took 3 younger kids safely to the fountain and back ( on the other side of the library) I was so proud of him being so responsible! It then became a novelty and we did lose a couple kids at one point. We did find my genius nephew at the info desk spelling my moms name for the librarian. So funny!

4 months

Stella is now 4 months old. We celebrated with immunizations and a check up. She is 14 lbs 3 oz and is growing right on track. The doctor thought I was having to nurse her too frequently so we even got the go ahead to try rice cereal. She is growing so fast!

Art camp

I knew spring break would not be a good experience if Wyatt didn't have something planned that he could look forward to. I ran into a neighbor a week before spring break who told me about these little camps at the smeltzer house. I originally signed up for two days worth, but he had so much fun that he went to 4 days of it. Drawing, painting, fabric and sculpture. Best $100 I've spent. Saved my sanity during what could have been a very long week at home.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Parent teacher conference

Brett and I had the opportunity to go to Wyatt's classroom and spend an hour doing stations and then having a little interview with the teacher. Wyatt wowed us with the work he's been doing and all he's learning and then we were thrilled with all the great things his teacher had to say about him. We know he's a clever kid, but for some reason there is something so different about hearing it from a professional that sees lots of kids. We are very proud parents!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Wyatt finished his indoor season last month. He played every Saturday and has really come to love the game. A HUGE improvement from his first season in little kickers. He's lucky to have his best buddy Cohen on his team. Makes watching more enjoyable for us too because we have friends to visit with as well.

I'm still here

I typically hate having my picture taken. Always very critical of how I look. I read something a while ago about how no one else sees what you do and your family wants to remember you being around too. So here's evidence I'm still here. 4 pics of me on my whole camera roll. Looks like I still need some improvement.


We see the Bennett Dentists downtown where my mother in law and sister in law work. They are fabulous with my kids. Another clear check up. Isla even got to help and had her teeth counted so she wouldn't be worried next year when it's her turn.


Stella was born with a nice amount of hair but then at a month old or so her head grew and her hairline receded. It was ugly!! Luckily it grew back fast.

Stella's blessing

Stella was blessed on January 6th by her father. What a sweet day to share with family! We had everyone over after for chili. She wore the same dress Isla did, made by my mom from fabric left over from my wedding dress. I love special things like that!


It's hard to believe I have 3 kids sometimes. Then I look in my back seat and see it packed full of little bodies and large carseats and I have to smile. I'm feeling very blessed to have 3 healthy sweet children.

My girls

I don't think there is anyone who loves Stella more than her big sister. She is smothered in love and kisses all day long.

First bath

My mom comes over and has given each of my babies their first bath at home. I think it's the same for my sister as well. Couldn't break with tradition!

Stella Blue Fixsen

Stella arrived on Nov.27 2012 just before 1am. It was a fairly uneventful labor and delivery- just the way I like it.

Monday I woke up to some mild contractions and so downloaded a handy app on my phone to monitor them. Brett was at work so I kept him in the loop about intensity and frequency and told him I'd let him know when to head home.
I cleaned my house, got wyatt to and from school and then by 5ish they were 5 minutes apart but still not very intense. I was strep positive for the first time so I was worried about getting the full 4 hrs of antibiotics so told Brett to head home and pick me up. My mom had come over mid afternoon to hang out while I labored and she kept the big kids for us.
We got to the hospital just before 6 ( got to love rush hour) and they put us into the monitoring room or whatever it's called. There we were just hanging out- sneaking some snacks feeling really good and the lady across the curtain was moaning and groaning as she experienced back labor and contractions every two minutes. At that point my contractions had slowed a lot and I was sure they were going to send us home.
With Isla my water was leaking a bit so they induced, and I had been having the same pee your pants feeling this time and so they checked to see if my water was leaking and determined that it was so I was admitted.
We got into our delivery room and my contractions had picked up so I asked for an epidural- which was my most successful of the three. We had to labor without assistance for at least 4 hours with the antibiotics so we napped, played words with friends. Brett went for a booster juice. By midnight-ish my nurse said I may start to notice the epidural wearing off and to feel free to ask for a top up, when I asked the nurse covering my other nurses break checked me and I was 10 and ready to push. My obstetrician didn't make it in time. The resident at the hospital delivered Stella and we were thrilled she was a healthy little girl. I was pleasantly surprised that she was a pound smaller than my other two had been.
She is my sweetest baby so far! So easy going and smiley. We are so blessed to have her in our family!

What a long time...

I'm pretty disappointed in my blogging lately, but a good friend has started a new style of blogging- lots of short posts with picture... Less jabber. So after I tell Stella's story I plan to follow her lead and hope that things improve. I'd hate to have no record of my life but catching up seems like a very daunting task.