Saturday, November 23, 2013

Harry Potter

Wyatt has become hooked on Harry lately. We've been reading the novels together at bed time and are on book 3 already. My thought was he'd read the book then we'd watch the movie- bit we couldn't wait. We are almost through all the movies and my kids carry smoothie straws around like wands chasing and cursing each other. Stella even has one and chases the big kids around too. 
In the phot wyatt is frozen on the couch after a particularly horrible curse about butterflies that isla cast.


Islas prescho does a Christmas bake walk to raise money for something ;)
The preschool families donate 4 dozen cookies and then on the day of the sale you pay $10 for a plate and walk around filling the plate with a dozen items. I went a little overboard and ended up with close to 10 dozen. Yikes. Better start giving them away before I eat them.

A little mommy

This little miss is growing up so much. She loves to help me, is so sweet and thoughtful with her siblings. Loves to cuddle and give kisses. The other day she wanted to be a mommy- helped make dinner and refused to play with the baby- (I'm not sure what that says about my parenting style :). )

She got this little princess bridal costume from my mom after Halloween, then my mom bright over the veil. She is all ready to get married. The lucky boy- Cohen Pratt. 

Happy Birthday Stella

What to get the baby who has everything? Earrings :)
She doesn't realize they are there so doesn't touch them, only cried for a second, and they make me happy because she looks so cute and girly. It's almost like a present for me.

Winter fun

Wyatt told me he wanted to play outside with Stella- so I shoveled and wyatt pulled Stella around the cul de sac. Stella loves being outside, she got a snowsuit for her birthday so now there's nothing stopping her from playing with the big kids.

Fall break

The county puts on some great camps for school age kids during the fall break. Wyatt went with his cousin Jude to a science camp and then a nature explorers camp at the wilderness center. It's nice to get them out and keep them busy or it becomes a very long week for me ;)

Fall break. Telus world of science!

We have a pass to the telus world of science. I don't go enough. The kids love it, especially Stella this time because I let her wander around out of the stroller. She loved exploring, and the big kids have lots to entertain themselves too.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


My aunt jeanntte ( my moms older sister) has done an amazing job with genealogy on the Blue side of my family, but nothing has ever been done for the Mabey side. Last time my aunt was in town she challenged me to get started. So we registered for and I was amazed how easy it was- at least for the first few generations. I even connected with a cousin of my dad's in England who gave me a lot of her information that she's worked to collect. What was even better were the pictures she mailed to me of my dad and his siblings in the 60's. It's hard to explain the feelings I get looking at them, but it's all part of who I am and where I came from. It's very touching! I will treasure the pictres forever and my dad's sisters have asked for copies too. I can't wait to find more!

Banff Winter Start

Kaycee convinced me to sign up for the banff winter start race November 2. It was promised to be a great girls weekend away and a quick run as an excuse to get us there. Although we didn't get as many ladies as we thought we would, it was still nice to get away. Until the snowfall warning- I am a big chicken when it comes to winter driving, and I almost stayed home but Brett checked the weather conditions and figured we'd be fine. We got there just fine, but it was snowing pretty good and wet and windy so our fun afternoon shopping around banff was kind if a bust. 
The race went well, even after being rerouted for a grumpy bear. I felt strong on the icy hills, which wad good after struggling so badly on the hills in the spartan race.
The next days drive home was so scary. We took it nice and slow and made it home safe. Took an extra hour at least. 
My mom suggested i not go, my mother in law called asking me not to go- not worth the risk she said. But... Like a rebellious teenager I went anyways- while driving from red deer home doing 40km/hr I sure wished
I had listened ;) I saw at least 14 cars in the ditch, and the majority of them still had passengers in them. It was crazy!


Wyatt had the Halloween decorations up in early September this year, then the following weekend we were out shopping for his scary costume. He needed to be something scary this year because I think he got teased a bit in kindergarten when I still had him in one of those soft costumes from old navy. So this year he was a zombie! Isla was Rapunzel at preschool and a dinosaur for trick or treating. Stella was the cutest lion I've ever seen. She just LOVED being outside with the big kids. 
We ended up with way too much candy- Brett and I ate the majority because my kids are picky candy eaters. Eventually I told Brett to just chuck it because I couldn't stop myself :)
Wyatt was taking about next years costume the very next day. I think this may be his favorite holiday!

Stella Blue

Someone's birthday is coming up! She is a wild child and wants so badly to keep up with the big kids. We sure do love her to bits!